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Welcome all.

This is my Web site. So far as I know it is unique. Specifically, the Lost Stories concept. I have been an avid reader since I found books, and some good stories have faded to no more than a distant memory. I decided to enlist the collective memory of my readers to try to reclaim the ones I still have pieces of.
I will add new stuff as it comes to me, but only if I feel it's entertaining or enlightening, or possibly useful.

My first contribution is The Lost Stories Page, where fragments of tales will hopefully finally come home with help from you, the reader.

Second is my UnLost Stories Page, where I'll put stories of my own. Some of which have been rattling around in my head for quite some time, struggling to get away from me. Maybe you'll understand once you've read them.

Then there's the inevitable Links Page, and the Expanded Links Page. This is a largish collection of links I've been assimilating from various sources and organizing for this site. I have not verified all of these links yet, once you browse the list you may understand why. Take it as it is for what it's worth.

As of 6-8-1999, the Expanded Links Page is clean of dead links. I will attempt to keep the list clean, as time permits.

Next is: You Know You Need a Vacation When: I believe it explains itself.

I decided to start posting some of the jokes I get through e-mail here, so I've created my Jokes Homepage. I realize there are already lots of places on the Web to find jokes, now there is one more. I feel like humor is one of those things it's hard to have too much of. Not that it's impossible, just that it's not easy. Humor is one of the things that helps keep us all sane, such as we are.
The newest addition can be found Here, or through the Jokes Homepage. This page hasn't been updated very frequently for the last several years, mostly because I stopped getting so many jokes in e-mail. I'll try to do better in the future.

Newest addition is my Pet Peeves page, where I get a chance to rant a little, or a lot, on things that annoy me. If you have pet peeves as well, and I suspect you might, feel free to send them along. If I feel they are worthy pet peeves and suit the site, I'll post them, as with the Vacation page. Contributions may be attributed, or not, as you wish.

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